The Butler Pantry vs The Walk in Pantry

One thing people look for in their home is extra storage space! Especially when it comes to the kitchen  You can get extra space through a series of intricate shelves and racks inside your cabinets, or you can add an addition for storage and prep. But which option should you choose?  A Butler Pantry or a Walk in Pantry?

So what is a Butler Pantry?  A butler pantry is basically a kitchen within a kitchen.  Its purpose is to allow you to do food preparation and clean up after meals without actually dirtying your main kitchen – the kitchen that people see.  This makes it perfect for people that entertain frequently, or just want to keep their home looking clean and pristine at all times.  There are two main reasons for installing a butler pantry in your kitchen.butler-pantry-vs-walk-in-pantry

  1. You get extra room for cooking, storage and cleaning up! Who doesn’t want that?
  2. You can hide away the mess from preparing a scrumptious feast. People won’t have to see the dirty dishes, the food scraps, the opened items of food and so on. Simply shut the doors after you and it’s all hidden away, ready for you to clean up at your leisure. Perfect for holidays!

Home owners also opt for the standard Walk In Pantry.  The walk in pantry is exactly what the name implies: it’s an extra space added onto the kitchen for storage of canned and dried foods, beverages, or cleaning supplies.  Really, the sky’s the limit over what you really want to store in them. The main reason home owners opt for the Walk in Pantry is for extra storage that is out of sight.  This choice will offer you the most storage space for your items. You can utilize other aspects of the walk in pantry. For example, you can use the inside of the door to hang cooking utensils or aprons. Plus you can add baskets or hooks to maximize the area’s full potential.

Figuring out your specific household needs and preferences is the easiest way to choose between the Butler Pantry and the Walk in Pantry. Now that you know the difference you can start you dream kitchen remodel! #MP2Contractors Jobs Built with Pride!

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