Home Build: Designing one that’s Right for YOU

mp2contractors-home-build Have you’ve been looking for a house to buy for a while, but nothing seems to fit your wants or needs? It might be a good idea to consider a home build.  Consider designing and building your own home or designing a renovation to make your current home fit your needs .  But, what’s involved in building?  Every building experience is unique, but we will give you a general  idea about how the design process should go.   

Step 1: Preliminary research

  • Examine your current home and lifestyle- Figure out what you and your family need.  Things like: square footage, number of bathrooms, and number of bedrooms.
  • Develop your design idea- Set a list of needs, wants, and like to haves is always a good idea.
  • Decide your baseline budgetKnowing roughly how much money you can invest in your project at the beginning will help you out a great deal. Over allocate to make sure your project can be completed!
  • Explore sources of professional advice for each stage of decision- Figure out what professionals you will need to talk to along the way.  For example, you may need to talk to a bank professional for a loan, or an architect for house plans.  

Step 2:  Pick your Design

Pull from the information you collected-it’s time to look at designs.  You can get with an architect or building designer to get your custom designs drawn up or pick from the thousands of already made housing plans. Nationwide Homes has several floor plans you can customize to your needs.  Always start with a rough sketch of what you would like to see, and then let the architect tell you what is possible, they may also have great ideas you didn’t think of.

Step 3- Create a Floor Plan

Create your floor plan using your architect or do it yourself with a software programs. There are several out there that will allow you to make a floor plan with the sketches you and your architect worked on.  In order to create a truly workable design it’s important to work with an architect. They take into account design ideas PLUS consider structural necessities like drainage, and slope.

mp2contractors-home-build-2Step 4-Final Design
Now that you did all of the research and met with your professionals it is time to find the right contractor! Make sure you use a licensed and insured contractor for your home build.

A home build can be a long process but it is satisfying. Don’t settle! Build the home of your dreams! It all starts with a great idea!


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