Different Kinds of Bathrooms

A bathroom is a bathroom, right?  Wrong!  There are quite a few different types of bathrooms, not to mention how you’re going to set them up and decorate them.  Here are the four different bathroom distinctions you’re going to see in the housing market.  

mp2-14-960x540Full Bathroom (1 Bath)

Basically, for it to be a true full bath, it must have 4 key components-a bath, shower, sink, and toilet.  The bath and shower can be a combo but it must contain those 4 components or it cannot be considered a full bath.

Half Bathroom (1/2 Bath)

If we remove both the shower and the tub, we end up with a “half bathroom.”   So, if you boil it down, a half bath is a room with a toilet and a sink.  Typically, half bathrooms are found on the ground floor of a house where there aren’t any bedrooms nearby.  They can be in other areas o the home, such as basements or off of patios etc.  Sometimes also referred to as a “powder room”.

Homes don’t just come with full or half baths, there are also two other terms you may have heard but weren’t exactly sure what they meant.

Three-Quarter Bathroom (3/4 Bath)

These bathrooms consist of three of the four aforementioned items.  So a three-quarter bathroom will typically have a stall shower (vertical upright), a toilet, and a sink.  Some older homes may have a tub instead of a shower, but this setup is probably a lot less likely.  Tub popularity has fallen over the years so you are much more likely to see the shower set up.

mp2contractors-showerQuarter Bathroom (1/4 Bath)

Essentially, this may as well be an outhouse stuck into a corner of your home.   If you buy a house that has one of these, or you’re just looking to add an extra bathroom but don’t have a lot of space, you should probably go for the half bath.  It would increase the property value and cease the spread of germs.

Which will you choose for your bathroom remodel?

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