Home Remodel: Managing Expectations

You have the design, you have the permits and you are ready to see your vision of a perfect Home Remodel begin! During the process of a Home Remodel there are several conditions or delays to expect. Here are the most common:


Construction causes dust. The daily dust control that a contractor does will not prevent dust from migrating throughout your home. Construction causes debris and dust so be prepared!


There will be several times there are delays in the build process; in fact, it is almost inevitable! The main causes of delays are back ordered materials, unforeseen changes like the sill under a window is completely rotten and needs to be replaced, or weather. An outdoor project can easily be derailed by rain and snow.


Estimates are a tool used by contractors to give the potential client projected cost of their build project. Throughout a project there may be unforeseen changes that cause the FINAL BILL to fluctuate. This could include the discovery of termite damage or black mold remediation.

Each Home Remodel is different so it is hard to say what all the delays or conditions will be. A great contractor will keep you informed of the status of your build so that you can keep track. Managing your expectations will help you to stay within your budget and allow for your contractor to build you the Dream Remodel you envisioned.

#MP2Contractors find that a informed home owner is a happy home owner.

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