Insured and Licensed are Tried and True

Owning a house is one thing but have you made it a home? Many times when you purchase a house you are trying to get the most for your budget and sacrifice the design features you desire. Lucky for home owners #DreamHomes can become a reality through #HomeRemodeling. When you begin this journey you have a treasure trove of ideas and expectations to be met and of course the biggest factor is the BUDGET! When it comes to skimming the fat off of your bill don’t sacrifice security for price. By this we mean DON’T ever use a contractor that isn’t licensed or insured and here is why:

#MP2Contractors InsuredLIABILITY:

Did you know that when workers are on your property you are in a way responsibly for them? It’s true an uninsured contractor is a liability to you. Without Workman’s Compensation an injured contractor becomes your financial responsibility.


While it is possible for #HomeOwners to pull permits there are limitations. Having a FULLY Licensed and Insured Contractor will give YOU the peace of mind that the right permits are pulled at the right time and your build can continue on schedule! Beyond that unlicensed contractors CAN’T get permits on your behalf.

#MP2Contractors Home BuildQUALITY:

FULLY Licensed and Insured Contractors are subject to checks and balances. The nature of having a license and insurance policy means the contractor has to pay to keep their license and insurance active. Beyond the cost these necessities can be taken away for violations. Knowing that your contractor is FULLY Licensed and Insured is a weight off of your shoulders.

Making a house into a #DreamHome can be an expensive process. Make sure it’s done right the first time with experienced, FULLY Licensed and Insured Contractors.

Don’t leave the fate of your #HomeRemodel or #HomeBuild to chance instead entrust in #MP2Contractors where Homes are Built with Pride!

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