Always Use A Licensed Contractor

mp2contractors Ready to start your home remodel or house build? Let’s get going…wait, hold on a second! There is something you should know: ALWAYS HIRE A LICENSED CONTRACTOR!

It is important to always use a licensed contractor for your home remodel, home addition or home building. Laws differ from state to state but a contractor license is needed to protect you, the homeowner, and the contractor. Here is why you should never use an unlicensed contractor:

  1. Are they knowledgeable: A contractor without a license makes you think. It begs the question if they are able to do the work to the level you specify? Also, are they aware of the building codes needed for your home remodel?  It is important that you can trust the contractor to complete the work asked without causing you headaches and fines.
  2. Permits: unlicensed contracts can’t apply for permits this leaves you with the potential of your home remodel to be removed. It is common for remodels to be deemed unlawful by the town or providence you live in. Avoid this costly pain by using a licensed contractor.
  3. Workman’s Compensation for Employees: Licensed contractors must carry this insurance. This protects you because if an employee gets hurt on your property while completing your project the workman’s compensation pays the bill. In unlicensed situations you leave yourself open to be sued for compensation.
  4. mp2contractors-built-with-prideContractor negligence: Unlicensed contractors that cause negligent damage become the liability of the person that hired them meaning you! Don’t leave yourself open to costly repairs, or lawsuits.

Licenses for professional contractors are instilled to protect you. Especially from harm or costly litigation. Don’t choose a contractor solely on price. Do your homework and make sure they are licensed and that their license is current and valid for your area. Protect yourself and your home by always using a licensed contractor. #safeliving #protectyourself

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