Load Bearing Wall: the backbone to your home

So, you’re looking around your house one day and realize your home would feel much more open if you could remove one of the walls.   Your kitchen could be more open, or you could make a master bedroom if only there wasn’t that wall between the two small bedrooms.  But, can you remove that wall?  The answer is yes, unless it’s a load bearing wall.

framed-basement-14What is a load bearing wall?  These walls are instrumental to preventing your home from collapsing. Load bearing walls bear the weight and force of a home and transfer it to the ground. Walls are just one type of this structure, and both interior and exterior walls can qualify as such. Without these load bearers, the structural integrity of your home would be compromised.

The other important and frequently asked question is how can i tell if a wall is load bearing?  Simply put: Unless you are a building professional, leave this task to the experts. An architect, engineer or experienced contractor can tell you which walls must stay and which can go, as well as the work that must be done to replace the load-bearing support, after a thorough inspection of your home.

mp2contractors-houseFinding out if a wall is load bearing is important before you start trying to redesign your home.  It will have a significant impact on what can be done.  The other added benefit to getting a professional during this process is that while you may not be able to completely remove the wall you want, they may be able to give you another solution that you would be equally happy with.

Home remodeling is a difficult process, no matter what part of your home is being remodeled.  But, it can be a lot of fun as well. Call an expert today to help you on your home remodeling journey! Any dream is possible if you have the funds to achieve it! #MP2Contractors Jobs finished with pride!

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