Permits: Here’s When You Need Them

As a #HomeOwner there are several times you will need a permit to build on your property. While every city, town and county has different codes then all require permits in some fashion or another. Here are some of the main #HomeImprovements that require a permit.

1. Plumbing/Electrical: Generally speaking any major changes to these systems in your home will require a permit and an inspection to ensure they are functioning properly and follow the correct codes. This can sometimes include the replacement of a water heater.#MP2Contractors Permits

2. By Cost: Some municipalities require permits based on dollar amount. Again this varies but has the potential to include more projects than you think.

3. Footprint Changes: These are changes that are made to your property that alter the original plans of your home. Remodels that are included in this permit field are bedrooms (taking 2 bedrooms and making them 1), decks, garages and sometimes even sheds!

4. Siding and Roofing: Most of the time siding and especially roofing require permits to proceed with the build.

5. Fences: You wouldn’t think it but it’s true. Fences are subject to permits. Municipalities can dictate height, distance off the property line and more.

6. Structural/Foundation Changes: Both structural and foundation changes require permits and inspections. This is for your own safety! A home built incorrectly can collapse!

#MP2Contractors Renovation ProjectsWhile this is a short list of a broad overview of permits it is a good resource for #HomeOwners to start. When #HomeRemodels are not done with permits it is within the rights of your municipality to force you to remove the remodel and begin from scratch costing you more money. Have no fear and take the headache out of permit gathering with an experienced, Fully Licensed and Insured Contractor.

Together you will make your #HomeRemodel a lasting facet to your home. #MP2Contractors.

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