How to Prepare for a Bathroom Remodel

The time it takes for a bathroom remodel to be finished is dependent on several factors: material availability, size of the remodel, and much more. For instance, smaller bathrooms generally take 3-4 weeks from tear down to complete remodel. This best case scenario can be easily derailed if materials become back-ordered, inspections get delayed or the plan for the remodel is unorganized. Use these tips to keep your bathroom remodel on track.

Here’s how to plan for your bathroom remodel:

Create your budget: It is easy to get carried away when you remodel. There is so much to choose from on the market it can be overwhelming! Make sure you have a budget and stick to it. You don’t want a half finished bathroom!

Work with a contractor on the design of your bathroom:  Are you moving electrical outlets? Are you moving plumbing? Are you moving walls, windows or doors?  These wishes need to be discussed with the contractor ahead of time so they can be planned for.  When renovating, surprises are not a good thing. Also, when you have to move vital pieces in a bathroom the cost goes up.

Plan ahead: Special order items need to be planned for ahead time. These include unique items such as a claw foot tub, bronze hammered wash basin, or light fixtures. Don’t forget the little things either such as hardware, outlet covers, and switch plates.

Clear out the bathroom: Soaps, curtains and your medicine cabinets. You will need to set up a makeshift bathroom complete with shower, sink and toilet for homes with only one bathroom.  Ask your contractor for help in this matter.

Set up space:  The contractor will need a space to set up their tools and store materials. This could be your garage or a spare room in the home. Whatever you choose be sure to tell the contractor which areas they are allowed to use.

Expect dust and debris:  Remodeling involves tear down! This causes dust and debris that will migrate. Even if your contractor uses plastic barriers they are not 100% effective. You should also expect delays. Remodels are extensive projects and delays can be inevitable.

A well thought out plan will give you the bathroom of your dreams. Consult with your contractor throughout the process to ensure everything is moving forward. The more prepared you are the better your contractor can fulfill your expectations. #BathroomRemodel #DreamBathroom

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