What is an Eat-In Kitchen

An eat-in kitchen is a kitchen that is designed to allow people to eat where the food is made. There are a variety of seating options that will allow diners in the kitchen, ranging from building an extremely large kitchen that comfortably holds a table to creating a casual counter for people to eat at. Here is why Eat-in kitchens have grown in popularity:

mp2-eat-in-kitchen960x540Added Informal Space

Many people may associate the term Eat-in-Kitchen or (EIK in rental and real estate listings) to mean that the house is cramped. However, a great number of houses have an eat-in-kitchen plus a dining room. This is common in small kitchens, although larger ones may use that configuration as well. In these cases, a lounging counter separates a kitchen from a dining area, making space for guests to help or chat with the cook while meals are being prepared. In these situations, people can sit at the counter for casual meals, or move to the dining area for more formal ones.

Perfect for Breakfast

It is also possible to find an eat-in kitchen that has been designed with a breakfast nook, Depending on the setup, this nook can have built in benches and a table, or it may be left unfurnished, allowing people to make their own decisions about how to use the space.

Clean up is a breeze

This type of kitchen arrangement can be very beneficial. With the eating and cooking areas combined, food does not need to be shepherded between counter and table or room to room, risking spills and cold food. The table can also be used as a kitchen prep space when people are not eating, and the isolation of all food activities to one place can make clean up a breeze.

Eat-in Kitchens have grown in popularity throughout the years. This is mostly due to the increased popularity in open floor plans of homes. Eat-in kitchens are also one of the most sought after home remodels. Ready to design your dream kitchen? Ask us how! #MP2Contractors

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